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One-hour online behavioural strategy calls with Sarah Whitehead, BA(Hons), MSc, Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist

While not trying to take the place of a full-on behavioural consultation, assessment and a structured programme for behaviour modification, a one-hour SOS call with Sarah can make all the difference to your mind-set and direction when it comes to your dog's behaviour.

  • Perhaps you just want to know what the options are. 
  • Or maybe talk through a difficult decision that you might need to make. 
  • Ask about a certain training protocol, or method, or whether you should attend classes with your dog. 
  • Perhaps you are at the end of your tether and need someone to help you assess the pros and cons of embarking on a behavioural or training programme
  • Or maybe you just need an objective and experienced view on what's normal, and what's not.

Sarah's vast expertise and experience in all areas of behaviour work with dogs of all types, breeds, ages and backgrounds means that she can offer an evidence-based opinion on the options for your ongoing strategy, with practicality, compassion and honesty at its heart.

Sarah is offering these one-hour online sessions in response to the huge numbers of cries for help that she is receiving, and because her packed diary means she has no space for new long-term behavioural clients seen face-to-face.

Please note:

Sarah's SOS sessions are to discuss first-line approaches and how you might wish to proceed, including - on occasion - being referred to one of Sarah's colleagues whose speciality Sarah recommends. The sessions do not attempt to resolve your dog's behavioural issues or give advice which will miraculously modify your dog's behaviour in a single one-hour session.

Sorry but Sarah is not able to discuss legal cases or insurance claims in these sessions.

To make it as easy as possible to get the help you need, you can book your session directly by using the link below.

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